All-Russian competition of the MFC 2017

The winners were determined in four categories:

  • "The best MFC" category I (MFC which have at least 20 maintenance windows), category II (MFC which have less than 20 maintenance windows);
  • "The best project of MFC»;
  • "The best universal MFC specialist»;
  • "The best MFC informatization practice".

In total, in 2017 the competition received 167 applications from 66 subjects of the Russian Federation.

52 centers of public and municipal services participated in the category "The best MFC". In determining the winners into account were taken both formal indicators (efficiency, comfort and availability of services and information about them, the possibility of assessing the quality of service in the MFC, etc.), and the results of the external audit of the multifunctional centers in five areas: "Quality of telephone service", "a Variety of methods of pre-registration", "Quality of Internet information", "Public opinion", "Control purchase".

As a result of consideration of the submitted applications, 7 participants were nominated in two categories.

The best centers are recognized:

  • among the I-category MFC - 4 centers presented in the competition from Saratov, Lipetsk, Irkutsk and Volgograd regions;
  • category II MFC – 3 centers from the Republic of Dagestan, Voronezh and Kaluga regions.

32 projects in various fields were presented in the nomination "Best project of MFC": organization of providing a range of services for clients with certain life situations, services for business, automation of public and other services, customer service quality management, personnel training and other areas.

The winners in the nomination were:

  • MFC of the Stavropol territory for the project "MFC of the Stavropol territory - an instrument of emergency response";
  • MFC of the Voronezh region for the project "Business up from scratch in 4 days in the MFC of the Voronezh region";
  • MFC of Tyumen region for the project "Public services without officials";
  • MFC of the Volgograd region for the project "My Documents" go to the maternity hospital!";
  • MFC of the city of St. Petersburg for the project "Electronic interaction in the provision of public services of the SIF (Social Insurance Fund) in St. Petersburg".

The largest in the number of applications submitted to the competition was traditionally the nomination "Best universal specialist MFC", in which the regions have nominated 60 candidates.

The final evaluation of the contest participants was based on the results of consideration of questionnaires, photo and video presentations, as well as of individual interviews conducted by representatives of the Ministry of economic development of Russia, the Federal tax service, Interfax group and the project office of the Ministry of economic development of Russia. During the interview, the level of the professional competence of the candidates, as well as their personal qualities that are necessary to work with the applicants were evaluated.

According to the decision of the Central competition Commission the best universal specialists of MFC became:

  • Devyatkina Yulia Viktorovna (Lipetsk region);
  • Krasnova Victoria Maksimovna (Republic Of Bashkortostan);
  • Pukhova Daria Nikolaevna (Tomsk region);
  • Reznik Christina Alexeevna (Volgograd);
  • Serov Pavel Sergeevich (Ryazan region).

The Central competition Commission has also pointed out the specialists who were not among the winners, but showed good results during all stages of the competition:

  • Avdeichik Natalia Anatolievna (Republic Of Crimea);
  • Eliseeva Alexandra Sergeevna (Moscow region);
  • Zanobed Alexandra Borisovna (Kaluga region);
  • Mikhailova Natalia Rinatovna (Ulyanovsk region);
  • Rzhevskaya Irina Valerievna (Voronezh region);
  • Smirnova Anna Viktorovna (Perm region);
  • Shakhbanova Fatima Magomedovna (Republic Of Dagestan).

23 regions submitted applications for the nomination "The best practice in Informatization of MFC".

Applications were evaluated by several dozens of criteria, including compliance with the requirements of the regulatory framework, the number of services provided by AIS MFC, integration with Federal and regional information systems and others.

The best in the category "The best practice for Informatization of MFC" were recognized the practices of three regions: the Volgograd region, the Republic of Dagestan, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The winners of the contest "The best multifunctional center of Russia" will be awarded with the gratitudes of the Government and the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation.