The corresponding draft Government resolution was prepared by the Ministry of economic development as part of the implementation of Federal law No. 478-FZ "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in terms of introducing a register model for providing public services for licensing certain types of activities".

The draft act prepared by the Ministry of economic development sets out the rules for the formation and maintenance by licensing authorities of registers of licenses for activities subject to licensing.

The document defines the list of information to be entered in the license register, the cases in which the specified information is to be entered in the license register, and the time frame for entering information in the license registers.

The adoption of the resolution will optimize the activities of licensing authorities, in particular, the procedures for granting and reissuing licenses, and will reduce the paper document flow associated with the registration and issuance of licenses.

The draft act also provides for improving the procedure for making changes to the register of licenses in the event of changes in the location of the licensee - a legal entity, the place of residence of the licensee - an individual entrepreneur, the place of implementation of the licensed activity related to renaming a geographical object, renaming a street, square or other territory, or changing the numbering of a house. Such changes to the registry will not require renewal of licenses.

"The provisions of the draft resolution will affect 52 types of activities subject to licensing, for example, educational and medical activities, and will affect more than 600 thousand active licensees," commented Alexander Vdovin, Director of the Department of state policy in the field of licensing, control and supervision, accreditation and self – regulation.

The document provides for improving the work of 19 licensing bodies (including their territorial bodies) that issue licenses at the Federal level, as well as the work of licensing bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation that carry out licensing within their own and transferred powers.

We remind you that from January 1, 2021, the registry model is being introduced-the issuance of licenses on paper is canceled. The availability of licenses will now be confirmed not by paper documents, but by corresponding entries in the license registers maintained by the licensing authorities. At the same time, any interested person can get an electronic extract from the license register, if necessary, without being charged a fee.