The Ministry of economic development proposes to reduce face-to-face contact when providing public services

The Ministry of economic development proposes to provide for the right of the Government to determine the specifics of providing all the state and municipal services in 2020 on the territory of the country taking into consideration fighting COVID-19 infection. The relevant draft of the law has been submitted to the Ministers’ Board for consideration.

The new powers will reduce face-to-face contact in the provision of public services by using different methods of remote interaction, minimizing required documents, extending the validity of already issued documents and assigned support measures. These measures are particularly relevant for mass and socially significant public services, including in the sphere of social protection of the population.

In the future, these measures, taking into account the practice of their application, may be included in the legislation on a permanent basis."

Every year, only at the Federal level, citizens submit personally more than 10 million applications for services related to the appointment and payment of pensions, allowances, compensation, and provision of rehabilitation facilities. If the authorities providing the services decide to do so, all these services can be accessed in a simplified manner, including via e-mail, messengers, social media and other means. In this case, you can refuse to provide individual documents, such as education documents, only by declaring their presence, or by providing a copy. The authorities will check these documents themselves.