Ministry of economic development: expanded the list of public services provided online

The corresponding document was developed by the Ministry of economic development and signed by Mikhail Mishustin, the Chairman.

The decree provides for the possibility of providing information on the pledge of movable property of individuals and legal entities, as well as on the conclusion of financial lease agreements (leasing) through the Single portal of state and municipal services -

Now citizens, for example, when buying a car, will be able to check on the Single portal, whether it is pledged or leased and thus protect themselves from unscrupulous sellers. Commercial organizations, in turn, will be able to establish the solvency and technical equipment of contractors using the Single portal.

These changes will help to protect the interests of citizens and businesses, as well as to make transactions safer and faster. The adoption of the order is an important step towards improving the business climate in the country and strengthening the market. The decree will come into force on May, 11, 2020.