The Ministry of economic development proposes to extend permits until December, 31, 2020 in the field of aviation, subsoil use, and industrial safety

In order to reduce the administrative burden on business in the context of the spread of a new coronavirus infection, the Ministry of economic development submitted to the Government a draft resolution providing for a number of new features of obtaining permits.

In particular, the draft resolution sets out the specifics of applying the licensing regimes provided for by the Air code of the Russian Federation. For example, the draft resolution extends the validity period of documents confirming the compliance of airfields with legal requirements until December 31, 2020, and 52 certificates of legal entities that provide aviation security will be extended.

A number of measures are envisaged for aviation personnel, including the extension of:

  • terms of validity of medical reports of civil aviation personnel;
  • the timing of periodic training for aviation security personnel to perform their assigned duties;
  • terms of periodic training by specialists of aviation personnel according to the list of aviation specialists of civil aviation for admission to the performance of their duties.

This decision is due to the need to support the aviation industry in the face of a sharp decline in air traffic.

A large package of changes expands support measures in the field of subsoil use, in particular:

  • the deadline for submitting documents related to obtaining the right to use the subsoil for the purpose of exploration and production of minerals is suspended;
  • the term of elimination of violations of the terms of use of subsoil provided for by a written notification of violations is extended for one year.

In addition, the draft resolution introduces changes to the specifics of licensing activities in the areas of construction, industrial safety and safety of hydraulic structures, education and accreditation in the national accreditation system.

The draft resolution also expands the list of licensing regimes in respect of which Federal authorities decide to postpone the completion of the compliance confirmation procedure or that the next confirmation of compliance is considered to have been completed.

This list, which was provided for by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation adopted on April, 3, 2020 and has already allowed the extension of more than 52 thousand permits and has been supplemented with new permits. Thus, it is proposed to extend the term of certification of 111 accreditation experts and extend the term of accreditation for about 30 medical organizations for the right to conduct clinical trials of medicines for medical use.

In addition, it is proposed to extend the validity of permits for the import and export of biological materials obtained during a clinical trial of a medical product for medical use and permits for the import of a specific batch of registered and (or) unregistered medicinal products intended for clinical trials of medicinal products.

The measures proposed by the draft resolution will eliminate the costs of business entities associated with obtaining, extending, reissuing permits and passing the appropriate procedures for confirming compliance with permit requirements.