The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia is improving the system for evaluating public services

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a resolution drawn up by the Ministry of Economic Development, which expands the list of public services that citizens can evaluate using the system of monitoring the quality of public services “Your Control” in any region of the country.

Previously, the list included 24 services. The resolution expands the evaluation system to another 13 services provided by the Russian Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund of Russia and the Social Insurance Fund.

The heads of the regional offices of these agencies will now be personally responsible for the quality of providing public services on five criteria: the amount of time for providing a service, waiting time in line, courtesy and competence of employees, comfort of the facilities, and availability of information about the service.

The channels for evaluating public services include SMS and telephone surveys, terminals and other devices located in the places of providing services, a single portal of public services (SPPS) and the website “Your Control”, where, in addition to evaluation, a person can also leave feedback.

Once the results are analyzed, a performance indicator for each official is formed. The target indicator of the quality of public services currently stands at 85%. This means that on the basis of their annual performance, the heads of the regional offices and funds need to receive at least 85% evaluations as “4” and “5”.


The system “Your Control” has been in place since 2013. During this time, citizens have evaluated 51 million facts of the provision of public services. The website “Your Control” contains 728,000 feedback comments.