Regulation of public services

For a long time, Russia did not have uniform standards in the area of public services. The deadlines for the provision of services, an exhaustive list of required documents, and limitations for rejections reasons have not been established. One of the first documents aimed at ensuring the rights of citizens when applying to state and municipal bodies was the Federal Law of July 27, 2010 No. 210-FZ “On the Organization of the Provision of State and Municipal Services”, which defined all main directions for optimizing the provision of public services, key concepts and directions of development.

In accordance with the Federal Law No. 210-FZ, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia is carrying out large-scale work to standardize and regulate the area of public services. The work is carried out in several directions.

1. Creation of the list of public services and control and monitoring functions for which administrative regulations should be developed, and information on which should be placed in the Federal Register of State and Municipal Services (functions)

2. Monitoring the development and approval of the administrative regulations for the provision of public services

3. Introduction of the extraterritorial principle of obtaining public services

4. Eliminating cases in which certificates of household composition and similar documents are requested

5. Enabling the possibility of obtaining public services at the MFCs that are part of “life situations”.