Us in numbers

  • 386
    services are provided in the interdepartmental cooperation order
  • 34 %
    of the planned inspections in 2017 were carried out using a risk-based approach
  • 86 %
    of citizens are satisfied with the quality of public services
  • 31 %
    a reduction in the number of the inspections from 2013 to 2017
  • 97 mln.
    applications in the "My Documents" centres in 2017
  • 13 000
    MFC and TESD (territorially equipped structural division) are operating on the territory of Russia
  • 7 000
    RIA (regulatory impact assessment) reports were prepared in 7 years
Public governance improvement

In order to create a modern and successful in the international arena state, it is important not only to optimize the economic policy correctly, but also to create a system of public administration that will correspond to the specifics and the nationwide scale of the country, to be receptive to the progressive technological and communication decisions, and the most important – to meet the needs of a society in the convenient, open state.

The administrative reform portal is dedicated to the public administration improving issues in the Russian Federation. It contains the reference information, latest news, regulatory and methodological documents relating to the public and municipal services modernization, control and supervision system improvement, digital economy development and the other aspects of the public administration quality improvement.