MFC To Provide Multiple Services on One Application

The Federation Council approved the law developed by the Ministry of Economic Development. According to the new legislation, multifunctional centers (MFC) will be able to provide bundled public (municipal) services on one application.

MFCs will prepare the required packages of documents and make further steps to provide each service. This approach is the cornerstone of the “one window” principle, according to which the applicant doesn’t need to directly interact with public authorities to receive public services.

“It’s very important that the law was passed by the Federation Council. At the Ministry of Economic Development, we believe that MFCs must prioritize the comfort of an individual. Public services should be incorporated into people’s lives, becoming as invisible and easy as possible,” as to Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin. “For example, with a birth of a child, the parents must receive up to 19 public services such as a birth certificate, maternity capital, and more. Now you don’t need to fill in dozens of applications. The state will handle this for you.”

A list of federal services provided on one application will be established by a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. The draft of the decree has already been prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development. The one-application scheme will also be applied to regional and municipal services. At the same time, municipal agencies will be able to create lists of services which are not covered by the one-application scheme.

Also, the senators passed the Law on Amending Certain Statutory Regulations of the Russian Federation regarding civil status registration by multi-functional centers for public and municipal services. The new document enables MFCs to register births and deaths, with civil registry offices keeping their functions.

According to the new law, MFCs will issue birth certificates (except for the cases when birth registration comes with paternity certificate registration) and death certificates.

MFCs taking over some of the services traditionally provided by civil registry offices was successfully tested in Voronezhskaya Oblast, Tverskaya Oblast, and Moscow. The capital city of Russia showed the biggest demand for civil status registration services. In 2016, “My Documents” centers issued more than 173,000 civil status certificates. Over the period from January to October 25, 2017, their number exceeded 363,000.