Ministry of Economic Development Speaks On Annual Quality Monitoring of Public Sector Digitization

The annual monitoring aims to identify, systematize, and analyze the problems surrounding the digitization of public services. As a part of the monitoring events, the Ministry of Economic Development assessed the accessibility and convenience of electronic services on the portal.

It should be noted that the monitoring methods have been improved. Among other things, the principles of creating the list of federal services have been reconsidered. The monitoring results were adjusted based on the model for providing digital federal services which was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and approved by the sub-commission on using information technologies to provide public and municipal services. Furthermore, the assessment of e-services operation has been introduced.

The monitoring covered 585 public services. The number of services available via the ”Get Service” button has increased by 5%, from 423 to 469. The number of services that can be applied for electronically has grown just slightly, from 451 to 461. “This year, the number of processed applications has grown by 4% compared to the last year,” as to Pavel Malkov, Head of Public Administration Department.  

The authorities have also assessed the completeness of information on the available services. This parameter has been traditionally high, with 92% of services information available on the Edinyi Portal. The agencies that provide the most complete information on their services include the Main Directorate for Drugs Control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Roscosmos, Rosgvardia, Rosmolodezh, Rosstat, and Federal Bailiffs Service.

At the same time, there is a number of comprehensive problems. “Agencies should focus on the documents that must comply with certain requirements. Individuals must have access to document samples (including electronic samples) and samples of completed documents. Another important issue is providing the information on free and paid services. If a service is free, it must be stated clearly. If a service is fee-based, the applicant must know how much it costs,” Pavel Malkov pointed out. 

Phone accessibility of public authorities has improved. Out of all state agency phone numbers posted on the Edinyi Portal, 83% are in use. Last year, this number was at 82%. The Ministry of Economic Development checked the total of 6,185 phone numbers.