Government Endorses Control and Supervision Draft Law Developed by Ministry of Economic Development

At the Government session, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev emphasized that the Draft Law on Public Control (Supervision) and Municipal Control in the Russian Federation is important for both businesses and individuals. “The quality of food, medicine, education, health care, and utility services is greatly determined by the effectiveness of public control,” Medvedev said.

The draft law is designed to solve three main tasks. “First, it will enhance the safety of life and health and protect the interests of the citizens. Second, it will drastically reduce administrative burden on businesses. Finally, it will improve the performance of control and supervision authorities,” as to the Prime Minister.

The draft law introduces a new system to assess the effectiveness of public control (supervision) and municipal control. The new system aims to reduce damage to legally protected values, such as the life and health of an individual.

Furthermore, the new regulation will establish a fully-fledged risks identification and assessment system, according to which the frequency of checks will be determined by the risk of violating legally protected values. This will allow control agencies to focus on the most risky areas and take off some burden from law-abiding businesses falling into a low-risk category.

Unlike the currently applicable Federal Law No. 294-FZ, the new legislation features a thorough classification of the types of control and supervisions activities, such as control measures that don’t require the attendance of a controlled subject, planned checks, inspections, etc. Other innovations include the development of a classification of the types of federal, regional and municipal control and reduction of the number of types of control not covered by the new regulation.

The new control and supervision system can be defined as a service model based on a partner relationship between inspectors and controlled subjects.