State Duma Adopts Law on Simplified Registration of Self-Employed Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities via Multi-Functional Centers

The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a law that makes it easier for self-employed entrepreneurs and legal entities to electronically register their occupational status via multi-functional centers (MFC).

The new law allows applicants to file electronic documents to a MFC Upon registration, the Federal Tax Service (FTS) will provide hardcopy documents to the applicant personally, by mail or via MFC.

The new law allows the FTS to send documents to the applicant’s email.

According to the law, a MFC is to send the documents received from the applicant to the tax office on the next business day after receipt. After the lawfully established registration period is due, the FTS is to notify the MFC and the applicant of its decision via email.

The applicant can receive the hard copies of registration documents in the MFC.

The law also contains amendments to standardize the review procedure of electronic documents received by the FTS via the MFC and hardcopy documents received by mail.

Provisions regarding the exchange of electronic documents between a MFC and applicants are scheduled to enter into force 180 days after the law is published.